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Going Batty: Animal Architecture


It could be said that architecture is one of the most humanist pursuits, existing solely to make humans happy.

The always clever BLDGBLOG this week features the Bat Spiral, a project by UK architecture firm Friend and Company which shows that animals can get just as much enjoyment from architecture.

Based just outside of London, the Bat Spiral is designed to provide a roost (cave?) for the 17 bat species that are native to the UK.  The 45 square metre structure can house about 330 bats who are attracted to the structure for its dark spaces, and for the warmth generated from the black timber walls.

It is also surprisingly beautiful with its simple, reed-like support columns raising it above the swamp, and its graceful painted timber curves.


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Thinking: Freeways

BLDGBLOG today features a competition to design a road/rail bridge or tunnel from Russia to the USA, across the Bering Straight. The idea is ambitious, if slightly misplaced, as even luddites now acknowlede that car travel is certainly not the way of the future (and when they’re investing in public transport in LA, you know they must be serious).

Anyway it got me thinking about freeways and how ridiculous they will look when we manage to remove the petrol pump from our vein, and find a better way to get around.

Alex Maclean (Crisscrossed Highway Interchange, Phoenix, top) is an aerial photographer whose large-scale works are inspiring in their beauty, yet isolating in their solace. In contrast, Christian Stoll‘s monolithic captures (like EXPWY4, below) are stunning images of freeways at their most menacing.

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