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Terrafugia: Coming to a Street (or Sky) Near You


Technology doesn’t normally feature on culturepublic, but this is just too cool to ignore.  US aviation company Terrafugia has just released the Transition, the world’s first street-legal aeroplane – yep, a plane that turns into a car.

It’s surprisingly cheap, priced at $190k, and they’ve already taken deposits from over 100 eager US-buyers who are due to receive their new toys sometime in 2011.

Apart from $190k, all you need to fly the Transition is a sports pilots license, which takes only half the time to obtain than a full license.  Once you’ve got that, you’re all set.  Transition’s wings fold up in 15 seconds, and although it chews through the fuel (11kms per litre in the air, and not much better on the ground) this little beast is sure to make you the envy of all your friends as you fly over the freeway, looking down at their gridlocked SUVs.




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Brian Finke Flight Attendants

convenience store

It must be difficult being a flight attendant.  You have to serve crap food, live away from home and spend hours waiting. Waiting to catch your next flight. Waiting for nap time. Waiting at the hotel check-in desk. Waiting.  But it is also one of the more adventurous jobs in the world, because attendants have to surrender sleep patterns, regular work hours, and – often – friends and family, all in the name of doing their job.

Brian Finke’s new book depicts flight attendants as adventurous, team-spirited professionals who try to make the arduous task of flying just a little bit easier for passengers – despite their employer’s ingenious cost-cutting efforts like substituting meals for muffins (as Qantas did to me last weekend), or removing the last bastion of pleasure, free booze.

Finke’s photographs are clean, vibrant and positive, despite their seemingly mundane context. In one we see an attendant shopping for a toothbrush, another depicts two attendants whiling away the time with a game of pool.  So even if the skies aren’t as friendly as before, we know those that work there remain so.

Thanks to Blueeyes for the tip.




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