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Lafayette Park, Detroit

Modernism sometimes gets a bad wrap, being called soulless, elitist, or even barbaric. But gosh it can be awe-inspiring. These pics of Mies Van de Rohe’s Lafayette Park (in Detroit of all places) are from Dwell.

Lafayette was the first urban renewal project in the US and remains an intimate, dense community of differing scales within a suburban, yet shrinking, city.

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Terrafugia: Coming to a Street (or Sky) Near You


Technology doesn’t normally feature on culturepublic, but this is just too cool to ignore.  US aviation company Terrafugia has just released the Transition, the world’s first street-legal aeroplane – yep, a plane that turns into a car.

It’s surprisingly cheap, priced at $190k, and they’ve already taken deposits from over 100 eager US-buyers who are due to receive their new toys sometime in 2011.

Apart from $190k, all you need to fly the Transition is a sports pilots license, which takes only half the time to obtain than a full license.  Once you’ve got that, you’re all set.  Transition’s wings fold up in 15 seconds, and although it chews through the fuel (11kms per litre in the air, and not much better on the ground) this little beast is sure to make you the envy of all your friends as you fly over the freeway, looking down at their gridlocked SUVs.




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London Commute Sends Man Batty


Too much time spent commuting in London sent Paul Middlewick a little bit batty. He started spotting animals on London’s iconic underground map, including, surprise, a bat.

Middlewick has teamed up with animal-rights charity IFAW to produce some fun merchandise.  Check it out at Animals on the Underground.





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Watching: Doubt

I doubt I’ll make it to the gym this afternoon. I also doubt the Gaza treaty will work. That’s the funny thing about doubt – it is constantly there; from the most insignificant suspicion to the most important allegation.
Doubt is set in the cold, wet and windy grounds of St Nicholas school in The Bronx, NY, which Sister Aloysius Beauvier (Meryl Streep) rules with an iron fist. When she begins to suspect Father Brendan Flynn (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) of abusing of a black student, she makes it her mission to bring him down. What follows is a power play between a woman who is too certain – or too proud – to go back on her word, and a man who is either too powerless – or too guilty – to fight it.
Doubt is based on a play of the same name, and it shows, with only three scenes in the entire 103-minute film. But it never feels boring. The wind howls and causes goosebumps to form on the back of your neck. Streep is both infuriating and enchanting, and Hoffman even more so.
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About Me

I don’t like labelling people, but if I were a blog post, I’d be tagged something like this:

aardvark, agnostic, albury, apolitical, architecture, art, australia, black humour, blue eyes, brunette, business, calm, caucasian, citroen, cook, design, gay, gen-y, gym, hr, lhatese, male, media, melbourne, nailbiter, photography, slightly left, swim, sydney, taken, trafford, zulu

So that’s me, now for my story.

I was born in Sydney but moved to rural Australia soon after, the third of five boys. For the first 18 years of my life, I knew I wanted to be an architect. I would spend free time drawing house plans and reading architecture books. But when I finished school and enrolled in architecture at university, I had one horrible realisation: architecture was not the career for me. You see, I’m not a details person, and was more interested in daydreaming how a building would feel, than trying to figure out how to make it stand.

So I quit the degree and talked my way into a PA role, which had the unforeseen side-affect of giving me a taste of the business world. Six years later I graduated from a business degree and have been working in Human Resources in the media industry ever since.

So here I am. On New Years Eve 2009 I made a resolution to find my artistic aesthetic that has eluded me so far. I started culturepublic a week later, the idea being to post for a year and then look at my tag cloud to see what I’m most interested in.

So thanks for being part of my journey.

Oh, for the record, consider this permission to reference, link to, or steal from, this blog. Comments and the odd email are most welcome too.


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