Yellow Treehouse, New Zealand

21 Jul


I’m normally very sceptical of marketing campaigns, especially those run by telco giants. But this clever little campaign by New Zealand’s re-branded Yellow (formerly Yellow Pages) has changed my view entirely.

The concept was to build a restaurant 10 metres up a big old redwood tree outside of Auckland. Seriously.  But there was one rule: everything had to be sourced via Yellow on mobile.

Now I don’t know if you’ve actually tried to use your mobile phone for browsing, but if your experience is anything like mine it takes hours to do what the phone book could do in seconds.  But maybe I’m just a philistine.  It seems Tracey Collins, who Yellow selected to lead the project, is far more tech-savvy than me, because she managed the entire project, and also ran the restaurant – all via her mobile phone.  And all documented on a very cool website.

If you’re keen to visit the Treehouse, unfortunately you’re out of luck. After feeding 2000 lucky diners, the venue is now only open for function hire, although there is talk about a more permanent venture opening in the near future.

Photos via LA Times.








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