Marc de Jong: DRNGS1 + PNTNGS3

17 Jul



Marc de Jong is one of my favourite artists.  In his latest exhibition, he uses a unique, pixellated style of painting to depict a surreal and disturbing world where things are not as they seem.  Entitled PNTNGS3, the show depicts a large-scale world where, up close, things seem distorted and dysfunctional.  However, when viewed from afar, the works seem coherent and logical (but no less frightening: Rupert Murdoch as case in point).

Excitingly, de Jong is also exhibiting his first exhibition of line drawings and sketches.  The drawings depict familiar themes of technology, ‘culture jamming’ and youth culture.  Yet they utilise a surprisingly different style to the paintings – so much so that it’s hard to believe they are created by the same artist.  The works of this normally private artist depict family and friends in a Hong Kong-style of ink drawing, complete with signature stamp at the bottom, which gives them an intimate, cross-cultural feel.

Oh, he also has a cute website.





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