I’m Back – Just Like Casio

07 Jul


I’m back, and celebrated with a quick shopping trip to the fantastic Footage in Darlinghurst.

Apart from stocking their usually fantastic range of carefully-edited streetwear, footwear and collectibles, they had a collection of Casio watches from the 1980s.

According to the shopkeeper, these relics have been continually popular in Japan and other parts of Asia for the past 20 years, but sadly Australia has missed out thanks to a conspiracy by the local distributors to only sell high-priced watches. Hmm.

In any case, these are seriously cool watches, full of gimmicks that seem somewhat quaint in today’s world of mobiles, widgets and apps.  The sales guy pitched them by saying something like, ‘If you’re travelling overseas, and you’ve forgotten your phone, this watch can do currency conversions for you’.  Or, ‘If you’re at a nightclub without your phone and you get someone’s number you can key it into your watch rather than risk losing a bit of paper’. Again, hmm.

But really, he wasn’t fooling anyone.  Admittedly, the one with the universal remote was pretty cool, but we all know these watches serve no purpose other than to allow Gen x-ers and y-ers to relive their youth.

Anyway, I’m back, just like a Casio, and will be filing more Culturepublic reports soon.

gold casio

remote casio

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