Alasdair Macintyre: Playtime

02 Jun

Henson vs Rudd

Playtime is an innocent title for an ominous exhibition by Alasdair Macintyre, opening this Tuesday at my favourite Sydney gallery, Sullivan + Strumpf.

The series examines contemporary themes inclusing the Bill Henson debacle, and the hysterical, ill-considered response of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, depicted as a startlingly life-like figurine who has just slapped his own campaign sticker over the young girl’s bare breasts.

In other works, Macintyre uses the familiar figurine character known as ‘Aecap’ (a possible cousin of Tin-Tin) to comment on issues as diverse as poker machines (with red sludge rolling from the opening, suggesting that any winnings are ‘blood money’), the self-destruction that contemporary artists are prone to inflict, and the loneliness of life as an artist.

Far from its innocuous title, Playtime is an exhibition that is somewhat humourous yet highly political and very, very timely.




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