Slobots by MHEISLER

29 May


I’ve always been more than a little scared of robots.  My dad used to talk about the robots at his factory, and I imagined him spending his days in combat, fighting them off with a welding gun.

It may have something to do with being banned from watching ET. Don’t ask.  But since I came across the friendly Slobots, I don’t feel scared anymore.

Slobots are sculptures made from found objects such as old and new toys, recyclable materials and other detrius.  Every Slobot has a story that reveals its fragility and imprefection which juxtaposes with my previous image of a havoc-wielding monster intent on destruction.

These friendly little guys have been given several layers of paint in an effort to make them seem solid and indestructable, but kind of used, like a government vehicle, school bus, etc.  They are a clever critique on many things: the dominance of technology in our lives; a comment on how perfection can be found in imperfection; or just a cute, colourful sculpture to put above the fireplace.

As Mike Slobot says, “the world needs a dose of hope in life. Life has plenty of things to fear, so, why not have a friend that encourages hope?”

Found via Gizmag.



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