Ben Baker is not a sell-out

26 May

Maccas portrait

Most photographers view corporate work as an evil necessity; merely a way to earn funds to take the photos they really want to.  Kind of like when an actor makes a half-arsed effort at a mainstream blockbuster so they can earn the money (and the profile) to make movies they are truly passionate about.  Penelope Cruz in Vanilla Sky, perhaps.

Ben Baker is no Penelope Cruz. He embraces the commercial genre and has developed his own unique, tongue-firmly-in-cheek approach.  His work has attracted the likes of McDonalds (above), CostCo (below), and – my favourite – FedEx – all are all full of life and energy far removed from the stuffy corporate portraits of old.

Baker also takes brilliant solo portraits, like the below examples of Dr Chubachi (Sony CEO), Jim Rogers (investment banker – pictured straddled over a piggy bank), and Richard Branson, in a more contemplative moment than usual.

Thanks to FeatureShoot for the tip.






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One response to “Ben Baker is not a sell-out

  1. iheartfilm

    May 26, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    Love that shot of Chubachi.


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