18 Reasons To Love San Francisco

22 May

Bi-Rite San Francisco

The most enamoring aspect of San Francisco is the city’s friendliness and sense of community.  I noticed it shortly after arriving a year ago today.  After a killer flight from Australia we had earned a massage, and within the hour our masseur invited us to a small dinner party he was hosting, writing his home address and phone number on a post-it note without hesitation.  And we didn’t even tip!

It’s difficult to say what causes community, but it’s surely a combination of history, culture, demographics and urban design.  Above all, however, community is created by shared experiences.  Experiences like 18 Reasons, a not-for-profit community initiative bringing art, food and community together to exchange dialogue and ideas.

The main space in the Mission houses an art gallery, and is the site of regular food and wine tastings, dinners and other events.  It’s run by Sam Mogannam owner of the iconic Bi-Rite store in the Mission district bought by his parents in 1964.  It’s a surprisingly simple concept that has proved extremely popular, judging by these Yelp reviews.

Lovely photo by Josh Thompson (above), too!

18 Reasons SF

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