Sydney Gets Her Noise Back

13 May


Sydney’s been a pretty quiet place for the past decade-or-so.  A post-Olympics rut (due to overspending) and a staggeringly incompetent state government has led to abysmal business confidence, as well as a government with little money (and inclination) to invest in any form of infrastructure or public transport.  So it’s exciting to see that, despite the GFC, work has begun on the city’s first green skyscraper in nearly a decade.

1 Bligh Street (aka Space) was designed by Architectus. Its elliptical design maximises harbour views and allows 60% of the floorspace to be within six metres of the facade, an impressive feat that reduces electricity consumption and the need for artificial lighting.  There is also a central atrium that allows additional light penetration and common areas on each floor.  At ground level, additional public space will be created, providing shelter from Sydney’s oft-windy glass canyons.

Ironically, the building’s opening is due for completion in 2011, just in time to welcome in a new state government who will hopefully bring some construction noise back to downtown Sydney.




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