Erwan Frotin Plays With His Food

04 May


One of life’s great pleasures is playing with your food. Most people stop when they’re about, well, eight years old.  But as an adult, it really is a lot of fun.  Why, just this evening I turned my steak into a smiley face, with peas for eyes, a half potato as a nose, and a smear of taleggio as a smile.  It was quite a sight, and tasted even better

Feature Shoot this week features Erwan Frotin, a French photographer who sculpts quirky yet beautiful images from, amongst other things, foodstuffs as diverse as eel, lemons, bread, mushroom and apricot.  When viewing Frotin’s work I wonder whether his mum encouraged his dinnertime creations, or whether it’s a Freudian return-to-childhood moment gone awry.  Either way, I love it.



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