01 May


Everyone talks about inheritance, yet no one admits to receiving it.  Thing is, we all receive inheritance, and we usually don’t have to wait for people to die.  It’s scary when you think about it.  I, for instance, have already inherited my grandma’s habit of biting her tongue when thinking, as well as my dad’s complete inability to get angry at anything, and my mum’s undying optimism.

The only thing the girl at top inherited from her father was the nickname ‘Useless’.  The image comes from Tracey Moffatt’s much-lauded series Scarred for Life, now exhibiting at the Australian Centre for Photography.  I checked out the opening last night, and as well as Tracey’s work there were some great images, such as Lee Grant’s The Day Meg Wore a Dress (below), and Bindi Cole’s Wathaurung Mob. The exhibition addresses themes as diverse as indigenous rights, sexuality, teenage pregnancy and post-natal depression, all commenting on the unnerving reality that “family dynamics set the patterns of our future relationships”.

Scary thought, indeed.




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