James Powditch

25 Apr


Today is ANZAC day in Australia, the day where the country commemorates members of the army corp for Australia and New Zealand who fought in Gallipoli, Turkey in 1915.  It’s a funny kind of day where everyone tries to be patriotic and spare more than a cursory moment of remembrance. Wikipedia describes it as “one of the most spiritual and solemn days of the year”.  This is coming from a country that is completely unspiritual and even less solemn.  But still, at very least it is a day where every Australian at least thinks about what it means to live a free life in this country, if only for a moment.

James Powditch obviously gives ‘Australian-ness’ more than just a moment’s thought. His latest series, Superpower (exhibiting at Australian Galleries from May 21) uses mixed media to examine Australia’s relationship with our modern, globalised world.  He looks at our inseperable relationship (and dependence) with China in Superpower: Made In China III (above), while the below Once Upon A Time There Was A West brings into question the 20th-century notion of ‘west versus east’.  Powditch’s use of mixed media results in textural and compelling pieces that are as Australian as ANZAC day – and possibly more so.



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