Tokyo Architecture Week: Tokyo International Forum

08 Apr


Not many things in life are considered timeless.  In fashion, there is the little black dress, classic white tee, and Ray Ban sunglasses.  Yet in fashion, if something goes out of style, the stakes are relatively low – just buy a new pair of sunnies, or a different colour tee.  This means that fashion designers can afford to take risks, to experiment, and design creations that may only be wearable for a few years, months or even weeks.  Bubble dress anyone?  In architecture, however, the field’s permanence and visibility means that it is an essential quest of every architect to make their building timeless.

Designed by Rafael Vinoly for a design competition in 1989, the graceful lines of Tokyo International Forum in Marunouchi was completed in 1996, and still feel timeless 13 years later.  Vinoly used graceful lines, sweeping curves and jaw-dropping skybridges that are futuristic yet restrained, and a wonderful showpiece for the city.


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