Thinking: 100th blog post

01 Apr

So what does one write for their 100th blog post? Surely such an occasion demands a celebration; at least some cake; perhaps even some champagne. Yet I don’t want to seem too enthusiastic, because I know I’ll sound like Aaron Carter releasing Most Requested Hits at the age of 16.

So I’m gonna write about how blogging has changed my life. How dramatic!

I started blogging at the start of this year as a half-arsed New Year’s Resolution to “explore my creative side”. So you could say I had very low expectations. My image of bloggers was that they were unreservedly narcissistic and at least a little overweight. Blogging has taught me that the overweight part doesn’t have to be true.

I’ve learnt a lot of things about art, design, architeceture, photography, and – yep – culture. Blogging has allowed me to explore my own aesthetic, which in turn has given me the hunger to pursue a Masters degree in art & design later this year.

Blogging has introduced me to some interesting, funny people from around the world that do interesting, funny things and write interesting, funny blogs.

And if nothing else, blogging has given me something to do in my lunch break that doesn’t involve shopping or sweat. Excellent.

So here’s to the next 100. That’s all for now.

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