Travelling: Trailer Park Tourism

29 Mar

I have a confession to make: on Friday night I willingly watched Crossroads. That’s right, I voluntarily put the DVD of Britney Spears’ ham-acting pseudo-autobiography into the DVD player, and watched the story of how the trailer park gal from Georgia made it big.

If you’re interested in your own trailer park experience, you’re in for a treat. The Shady Dell has just opened in Bisbee, Arizona, taking inspiration from exactly the kind of places where Britney grew up.

Now before you get all middle-class superior on me, this place actually sounds like fun. For starters, it’s run by a couple of young mods named Jen and Justin who aren’t nearly as scary as the overweight, hairy and chain-smoking duos that usually run these places. The trailers are lovingly restored with unabashedly kitsch furnishings and themes such as Polynesian tiki and airstream, as well as a restored 1947 ChrisCraft yacht. Then there’s Dot’s Diner, serving retro-chic meals to the hungry masses. Happy Days!

If I ever find myself four hours south of Phoenix, I’m gonna check myself in to The Shady Dell and have me my own Crossroads experience.

Thanks to Urbandaddy for the tip.

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