Looking: Rebecca Davis

18 Mar

I am nicknamed ‘the Goldfish’ for my incredible ability to forget almost anything. I don’t just forget the details, I forget entire events, even if it only happened yesterday.

For some reason, however, I do remember 6pm every Sunday from 1987 to 1993. After a day outside building cubby houses, rollerblading, or doing whatever 8-year-olds do, the first strains of ‘When you wish upon a star’ would emerge from the lounge room and I dropped everything, and rushed inside to be immersed in the world of Disney. Suddenly, it didn’t matter that I had to go to school the next day, or that I lived 14,462 miles from Anaheim. For an hour, I could escape to a world of spinning teacups, talking dogs and dancing princesses. And they wonder why I’m gay.

Rebecca Davis is fascinated at how Disneyland provides escapism for millions of people around the world. She spent three month at Disneyland Hong Kong documenting the first few months of this new fantasyland in a rapidly-changing country. What she found was thousands of tourists embracing American nostalgia with fervour, eager to escape their day-to-day lives by living in an alternate world, if only for a day.

Oh, she also has a fantastic eye for colour. Thanks to FeatureShoot for the tip.

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