Designing: Prefabulous

11 Mar

I was reading an architecture magazine yesterday about a renovation to a Melbourne mansion, the brief being to extend the living area and include a space for classical music recitals. Seems like the client is going to spend their golden years entertaining their friends around the Fazioli. I mean, who are these people?

The article continued, going into superflous detail about how the client deliberated over where to put the grand piano, and built a special catwalk so their guests could view the spectacle from above. I admit the results were fabulous, but it has no relevance to me; it was just architecture porn.

Much more accessible are a raft of prefabricated housing projects currently being undertaken around the world. Projects like Andrew Maynard‘s Quon which uses the principles of mass manufacturing (think cars, electronics, and the like) to produce intelligent, well-designed and affordable, modular housing. Or New Zealand’s Bachkit (below) which specialises in versatile, low-energy designs. My favourite of all, however is South Africa’s Zenkaya (top), with its striking linear design coming in four sizes, from a studio to a two-bedroom house.

The most excellent website FabPrefab is an comprehensive online directory of prefab projects around the world. It is full of fascinating, innovative projects to suit all budgets, tastes and settings. And while they may not all fit a grand piano, they are every bit as spectacular as that middle-aged maestro’s renovation.

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