Watching: Top Design and The Curious Case of Kelly Werstler’s Ridiculous Hair

03 Mar

One thing I hate about living in Australia is how far away this fair country lies from everywhere – or anywhere. I mean, it takes two days to get to Europe and half of North America, and the best part of a day to get anywhere else. And we get our TV shows really late. Like Top Design, which I’ve just started watching even though it aired in the US in October 2008.

I am grateful, however, that I have experienced six fewer months having been subjected to Kelly Wearstler’s hair. The girl is frightening. I mean, when I was five years old the girl next door had crimped hair and I thought it looked stupid back then – and she didn’t even have it in a beehive. What’s even funnier is that no one figured out I was gay…

But back to Kelly. Now I’m all for dressing confidently and like a clever 80s reference as much as the next cowboy. But her hair, over-stylised clothes and exaggerated fashion references completely destroys any credibility she may have once had.

Kudos to the hilarious Doodlewhore for the cartoon at top, btw.

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