Looking: Cameron Wittig Sightseeing

17 Feb

Sydney is a great city when the sun is shining, but when it’s wet – like today – it can be a real bitch. I know we need rain, but when the roads flood, the traffic snarls, and the monorail pummels you with water from overhead, it’s easy to forget that. Which explains why I was dreaming of being a tourist this morning, and happened to stumble across Cameron Wittig‘s fantastic Sightseeing series.

Since the advent of digital cameras, travellers have all but forgotten the ‘disappointment’ of returning home to find their holiday memories ruined with stray fingers or other unanticipated objects. Wittig’s series is nostalgic in this regard, but, with tongue firmly in cheek, it also questions the purpose of taking the same photo that everyone else has already taken, and will continue to take forever more.

In deliberately adding a finger to the frame, Wittig is asserting that perfection lies within imperfection. Kind of like today’s imperfect weather, come to think of it.

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Posted by on February 17, 2009 in art, photography


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