Looking: Tobias Rehberger

08 Feb

Why are Germans always the kinky ones? Tobias Rehberger is an installation and performance artist who sometimes dabbles in other media, such as photography. His work drips with satire, such as Untitled (above), which parodies Fergie’s oh-so-90s toe-sucking antics, albeit with a cuter guy, and fluoro cardboard cutouts.

Rehberger’s installation piece, the cheekily titled Lying Around Lazy, Not Even Moving for Coke, Sweets, TV or Vaseline, (1999 version), is kinky in a different way, because it sets out to deliberately reverse the usual artistic process. Usually, artists generate an artistic vision first, then execute this vision to be later enjoyed by the viewer. In this instance, Rehberger asked his friends what they would like in their ideal apartment. He then sought to recreate their vision without giving any input or feedback on what he thought of the idea. Similar to how bloggers created the plot for ‘Snakes on a Plane’ (but with much better results).

So what’s my point? I guess what I’m saying is that Germans are kinky. That’s all. I rest my case.

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One response to “Looking: Tobias Rehberger

  1. Viktor Pikabia

    July 1, 2011 at 1:31 am

    Are Germans always the kinky ones? I am German, too!


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