Travelling: Japan

03 Feb

I’ve always wanted to visit Japan. Despite Sensei Graetz’s abhorrent teaching methods in Grade 5 Japanese lessons, the land has always held a certain allure, with travellers telling tales of vending machines that stock everything from hot coffee to women’s underwear; fish markets where you can have sushi and beer for breakfast; and a Bladerunner-esque cityscape.

Unfortunately, the ridiculous AUD to JPY exchange rate – which has plummetted in the past six months as the below graph shows – means that it will be a while before I can afford a trip to the Land Of The Rising Sun. I could visit Honkers, Taiwan or Shanghai to try and replicate, whose currencies have marginally better exchange rates, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be quite the same.

By the way the top pic is by Nicholas Vroman, a fine arts photographer who takes the most amazing pics of Japan. Nicholas is currently the Featured Artist in F-Stop e-zine.
(The bottom pic is available from any currency exchange provider and is enough to depress any travel-hungry Australian).

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