Thinking: New Month’s Resolutions

02 Feb

Bondi, Sunday morning

So we’re one month through the year and most of us would have renegged on at least one new year’s resolution. Sure, I’ve been blogging regularly (#1) and exercising more than ever (#2 – although possibly due to some obscenely good weather), but I havent made a dent on that credit card balance (#3) and have definitely consumed more liquid amber than originally intended (#4). Thing is, 12 months is just too long to commit to something.

Which is why I’m proposing New Month’s Resolutions (NMRs). I’ve marked a reminder in my diary for the last day of every month, to set a NMR for the next month. My first NMR is to hand-write all blogs before posting – simple and easy to commit to for the next four-or-so weeks.

I still plan to keep my #1 and #2 resolutions for the entire year (and hopefully beyond), but I hope that for me, NMRs will mean I achieve 12 goals instead of one or two. And I can keep up my beer consumption, at least till next month rolls around…

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