Looking: Darren Wardle

23 Jan

“it’s like another perfect day… I love LA” – Randy Newman

Me too. Sure, LA’s a sprawling, crime-ridden metropolis with vapid people and insane traffic, but I like it because it is, more than anything else, a microcosm of the world. Everyone you’ve ever met, every movie you’ve watched, every joke you’ve laughed at, and every tragedy that has made you shed a tear, has been put into one huge blender and poured across a concrete valley. There’s nowhere else quite like it.

Darren Wardle is a Melbourne artist whose airbrushed, 80s-inspired artworks reference LA and other ‘car cities’ such as Las Vegas and, to a lesser extent, Melbourne and Sydney. His hypercolour, saturated and overexposed images are meticulously detailed and devoid of any human presence. His work depicts an artificial, almost dream-like world where perfection is both alluring and repelling. Kind of like LA, actually.

Wardle is represented by Sullivan+Strumpf in Sydney, and Nellie Castan Gallery in Melbourne.

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